Hi I’m AnnieS,

…..and if I could, I’d heal our world. Not possible you say? Well let’s put it this way, if you throw a pebble into still water what happens? Yes, endless ripples and those ripples join other ripples made by other pebble throwers until the entire surface is rippling. Now if those pebbles were positive thoughts or prayers and the water surface was your country or even beautiful Earth herself…….

…well!…. we all must start somewhere but first we must heal ourselves and here is how I can help……

Tarot Reading

I’ve followed Tarot for years but now, as a Certified Biddy Tarot Reader, I would love to share my intuitive gifts by creating unique readings just for you. You’ll be given a photograph of your reading plus insights into each card’s symbolism and of course, suggestions and ideas to guide you towards the best possible answers to you questions. For further information on how Tarot works (and how I work with Tarot) please go to my Tarot Page.

Tarot Reading

Remote (Absent) Healing

Seems impossible? No it’s not! – it’s not always necessary for a healer to be in direct contact with their patient. So if you are unable to visit a healer in person you might like explore Remote Healing , and how to access it, by visiting my dedicated Remote Healing Page. (Payment – not required – is by donation only)

Remote Healing

World Healing

Help join those ripples up! By sending positive thoughts and prayers (you don’t even need to believe in a Higher Being) for the future of our Earth, all its abundance and glory and all who dwell on her. Feel free to visit my dedicated page for how you can help.

World Healing

Tarot Reading Testimonials

Thank you so much for my tarot reading. It truly is wonderful. The reading really is helpful. I am a spiritualist myself but have lost faith recently and feel the spirit world has abandoned me, your reading as given me hope.

Belinda, United Kingdom

This is an excellent and in-depth tarot reading. I have been pulling the Queen of Swords non-stop recently, so your reading comes as a big affirmation. I appreciate the advice and guidance you have offered . Furthermore your practical advice and the picture of the spread helped to ground me. Thank you for taking the time to prepare! Indeed, you are a talented reader.

Ale, Australia

Wow, Annie, thank you so much! I did not expect an answer I really expected you to tell me about myself. Your reading is dead on, perfect, nothing to improve on. You definitely have a gift to share with the world.