Code of Ethics

Note the following code of ethics before we get started.

  •   I’m not a fortune teller.

 I’m not able to predict Lotto numbers,  when you’ll die or when you’ll become pregnant. However, if you need to know if your partner is having an affair? or when you will meet your husband/wife? or even will I get that job? Together we will create a unique reading. With this, informed decisions can be made. Tarot brings subconscious thoughts and feelings to the surface.
Tarots cannot answer third party questions. It can only read your energies. That is, another person(s) energies are simply not present in your cards.
  •  I will always treat you with respect, no matter what your question.

Feel free to confide in me.  I’ve advised and helped clients in many different professional situations. I will never judge you.
  • I prefer reading for clients aged 17 years and over.

This is because young people are usually guided by their parents. They don’t have the free will to always make their own decisions.

  •  I am unable to read for clients under the influence of alcohol, drugs or those in a mental state which precludes full understanding of these ethics.

Tarot is not able to read for clients in altered energy states.
  • Please be assured that your information will never be divulged to others in any circumstances unless it is required by a Court of Law.

Your contact information and readings are stored at separate locations.

  • Always remember you have ‘free will’. You have the ability to change your future:

Tarot Readings give you a ‘snapshot’ of events in your life at this moment. They also provide an opportunity to alter the outcome or give you the time to plan a different approach.

 Disclaimer :

All my readings are given with the understanding and agreement that I, as the reader, am not responsible for any actions or events which may take place in your life following this reading. By requesting a Tarot Reading you are acknowledging that your reading is for entertainment purposes only.

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