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Thank you so much for my reading It truly is wonderful.

The reading really is helpful. I am a spiritualist myself but have lost faith recently and feel the spirit world as abandoned me, your reading as given me hope. Thank you so much.

Belinda, United Kingdom

This is an excellent and in-depth reading. I have been pulling the Queen of Swords non-stop recently, so your reading comes as a big affirmation. I also appreciate the advice and guidance you have offered. I really appreciate your practical advice and the picture of the spread which helps to ground me in the reading. Thank you for taking the time to prepare this reading! You are a talented reader.

Ale, Australlia

Wow, Annie, thank you so much! I did not expect an answer I really expected you to tell me about myself! Your reading is dead on, perfect, nothing to improve on. You definitely have a gift to share with the world!