Remote Healing

 How I became a healer?

Even as a child, I knew I wanted to be involved in the healing profession. Throughout my career, I helped and advised thousands of patients, but had little time to consider other, less conventional, but more traditional ways of healing. However, on retirement, a friend of many years, Michele Kerridge ( herself a talented healer and psychic) introduced me to Carole McCarthy (a noted medium and spiritual coach). And it was she who encouraged me to develop my latent healing and clairvoyant abilities. I’d read about Absent Healing and one day an opportunity presented itself. To my surprise, it worked!

How do I work?

Picture me sitting comfortably with some lovely music playing. I  begin by ‘clearing’ myself and the space around me, I then appeal for the privilege of channelling energies and light from the higher power through my guides and their helpers. Finally, I concentrate on your photo and symptoms. Within minutes, when I begin to feel a tingling in my hands, I know that healing is winging its way to you.

I do this each day for seven days. If you need further healing, or if your symptoms change, you can email me for further healing.

Does it always work?

Although we all wish for perfect health, it is not always possible. Traditional healing does not always heal the way we expect. For instance, the pain of arthritis may be lessened but the basic cause may remain. Mind issues may be resolved invariably. This gives peace of mind and release. Sometimes healing may work but not in the way you expect! I had one patient ask for healing for a painful back. Certainly, that was helped. But his chronic sinus condition disappeared.

Remote Healing

$000per healing
  • Because I feel privileged to be given this gift there will be no charge. If you wish to make a donation you are welcome but please don’t feel any sense of obligation. To make a donation, click on the Donation button below.

Important Notice: Absent healing should never be used as a replacement for professional medical advice. Therefore I will encourage you to attend a relevant medical professional. This is if, in my professional opinion, I feel it’s necessary.

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