Tarot Reading

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So How does Tarot Work?

I see Tarot cards as a tool. They can crystallise our innermost thoughts by reading and releasing the card’s energy. This, in turn, brings to the surface what is already deeply embedded in our minds.

For me, Tarot works by reading your energies, therefore it is not able to read for third parties. However, Tarot can empower you to use your own amazing intuition to answer your questions about that other person. 

I also believe we all have the power to reshape the future by studying what is happening right now. That is until we understand the present, we can only guess at the future. It is here where Tarot becomes invaluable. It can crystallise our innermost thoughts. 

What is Tarot?

Tarot is made of a pack of seventy-eight cards. However, rather than using normal playing card suits, these cards have their own four suits. They use colour, symbolism and detailed drawings to tell their story. Saying that, twenty-two cards, called the Major Arcana Cards, whilst using the same colours etc are not included in the suits. They are the most important cards in Tarot. This is because they deal with major life lessons rather than the other fifty-six cards (called the Minor Arcana). The Minor Arcana represent day to day problems. In the case of the sixteen Court Cards,  it is people.

The Minor Arcana are further divided into suits. Each is represented by one of the ancient elements. 

  • Cups – water, or the emotions
  • Pentacles  – earth, or the physical world
  • Swords – air, the mental aspects
  • Wands  – fire, or energy and action

By combining all the above and by analysing the colours, the symbolism and the images I can provide an in-depth email Tarot Reading (including a photo of your cards). This is done by analysing colour, symbolism, imagery, suits and whether the cards are Major or Minor Arcana.

Tarot Reading 3-5 Cards

$6000per reading

Tarot Reading 5-8 Cards

$9000per reading

One Card Tarot Reading

$2000per reading
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