This scary looking card portrays a violent storm causing flames, lightning and destruction, in fact a catastrophic event! – and this is exactly what The Tower signifies, a major and sudden change (quite often not of our own making), and being a Major Arcana Card, with far reaching effects – so…….not a good start you’d think!? Not necessarily – changes aren’t always gloom and doom! Think ‘love at first sight’ or those ‘lightbulb moments’ when, all of a sudden everything becomes clear.

However some sudden changes are not so pleasant, redundancy, change of living standards or a relationship breakdown perhaps. I’m afraid those changes will happen so as soon as you’re able, plan to make the best of them, it’s up to us to move forward, not easy but necessary and keep in mind that the Major Arcana Card that follows The Tower is the beautiful and tranquil Star.

What should you do with that Tower energy if this card appears in your reading?    try to roll with the changes, it won’t be in your best interests to cling to the past (and if it’s a positive change you won’t want too!)

What shouldn’t you do? – don’t give in to negativity! -accept that this change is inevitable and try your best to move forward, who knows what’s round the corner?

Love and blessings,