As the wildfires raged across Australia, the Five of Cups kept coming to mind – this card shows a person mourning their losses (the overturned cups) and unaware of new avenues (the upright cups) opening up. Not very helpful when one’s life has turned to ashes and there seems no way forward. The last thing people in these situations need to hear are platitudes such as “life will turn out OK, you only have to look for opportunities etc” (although it’s generally true!), consequently I decided to draw a card instead –  and – you’ve guessed it! – the Five of Cups again! – BUT – reversed (when the card is drawn ‘wrong way up’) signifying moving on and acceptance. This reversed card is particularly relevant as the Sun is just entering the humanitarian sign of Aquarius, as is the Moon later this week. This will be a time of enlightened thinking and some odd but ingenious ideas could well surface to help and enable all those in need.

What should you do with that 5 of Cups energy?  – look out for new opportunities and don’t necessarily dismiss way out ideas! Your intuition should work in your favour!

What shouldn’t you do? – easier said than done, but hang in there and please seek out help.

With love and blessings,