There’s nothing holding you back and there’s nothing you can’t do when the first card of the Major Arcana appears – the Magician is telling you that he holds all the resources (i.e. the suit symbols on the table), not only that but his hand holds the Magicians wand aloft and the other points towards earth thus linking the intuitive and physical realms. And there’s also plenty of unending energy available as shown by the infinity symbol and the snake belt!

What should you do with that Magician energy?  – it’s all there so go with it, it’s a great time for preparing for the Christmas and holiday seasons!  Just think how great you’ll feel! And if you’ve a yes/no decision to make the decision’s almost always ‘YES’ – your intuition will help you here!

What shouldn’t you do? – don’t waste the new ideas, excitement and joy of the Magician – make them happen, you’ve time to shop carefully or conjure up your own creations

With love and blessings,