Card No.17 in the Major Arcana, the Star brings hope and renewal after the devastating upheavals of the last few weeks (maybe caused by card 16 – The Tower?). The Star’s number – 8 (i.e 17 reduced to 1+7) – gives you strength and helps regenerate your spirits – which is also depicted in the card – where we see water nurturing and regenerating the ground. Balancing herself between earth and water, the woman represents both our conscious and subconscious thoughts.

What should you do with that Star energy?  – use your intuition as well as logic to solve any ‘left over’ problems as you get back into the groove after the holidays!

What shouldn’t you do? – no need to cling onto past hurts, use your new found energy and intuition to take a positive view to move forward.

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With love and blessings,