I was thinking on the coming change of seasons when my mind turned to sport, so I wasn’t a bit surprised when I drew the ACE OF WANDS with its shining hand gripping a strong, sprouting Wand – full of energy and anticipation and, of course like all Aces, new beginnings – very appropriate considering it’s the start of the English Premier Football League and here in the Southern Hemisphere we have rugby’s Bledisloe Cup – both events eagerly awaited by sporting aficionados!

But what does it mean in regards to sport (or anything else in life where we have been inspired to take action – say a new job or a different direction in life)  if this Ace is Reversed? The classic interpretation is that there will be delays, lack of motivation and a sense of being weighed down – mainly caused by ‘procrastinator effect’ – and we don’t have the motivators and trainers which abound in premier sport! So we have to recognise our own shortcomings and deal with them ourselves – don’t let your fears and insecurities get in the way of great ideas, seize the day, as the saying goes!

Love and blessings