In these days of gloom, climate change, social and political unrest and war, we fear for our beautiful world and feel helpless that we, as individuals, can do so little……however, keep in mind those pebbles and the ripples they make when we throw them into a lake. Those ripples join up and spread creating ever larger ripples….and so it is with prayer and positive thinking. Let those ripples encircle our world with love and light and healing, envisage a new balanced world order where Earth’s bounty is shared and nurtured for future generations.You may like to use the following thoughts, maybe pick one or two each day (or each week for that matter), and think, even momentarily, about them and in your minds eye send them out into the world, help join up those ripples……. With love and blessings,   ?


May the golden light of consciousness, mindfulness and enlightenment surround us all as we deplete nature’s bounty and may we be mindful of Mother Earth’s fragility and each do our best to conserve and preserve our world not only for our children but for generations to come.

May these golden lights surround and guide those in power, be they the leaders of their countries or representatives within the United Nations – may they not abuse that power and be mindful of the conservation of Earth’s treasures and of their nation’s health and welfare.

May we ask for the healing energies of the pure white light of healing and the soothing pink lights of comfort and compassion to surround those who are hungry and homeless and those whose lives have been shattered through natural disasters and war, please send them help and the strength to restore their lives and their livelihoods.

May all doctors, veterinarians, nurses and all those support services who care for the sick and for those in need, be they human or another of God’s creatures, be granted the strength, health and compassion to cope with the day to day stresses of their working lives.

May those same healing, soothing and compassionate energies gently surround those who are in need of help, those who are ill, be they in the hospital or cared for at home, especially those with chronic or terminal illnesses.

May those same energies also surround those who are cared for in homes for the elderly or in homes for those unable to care for themselves, may they feel secure and fulfilled in spite of their limited surroundings

May these beautiful energies surround those who are lonely or confused and those who suffer from depression or other illnesses of the mind, may they restore hope when life seems hopeless and without purposes.

May the healing energies of the pure white light and the soothing pink lights of comfort and compassion gently surround us all and our families, our homes and our countries, keep us safe and secure so we can all work towards manifesting the dream of a more equable, balanced vibrant world order.